Towards Developing Creative Research Environment

Layout of Student Room

① Concentration Desks

Shared iMac and monitors are provided for individual work. Personal mouse and keyboard are also provided for every student.

② Multi-objective Space

A 55-inch monitor is placed for group discussion and meeting.

③ Box Seats

Sets of two sofas and one large table are placed for daily discussion and chatting with colleagues.

④ Cafe Tables

Middle-sized tables are placed for office work and surveys.

⑤ Personal Storage

Everyone can store personal goods at their own space. Files and boxes are provided if needed.


Daily necessaries, such as cleaner and fridge, are placed.

We are developing an activity-based working environment to increase productivity. You can use any available space for your objective. For example,

  • the concentration desk is suitable for coding jobs with additional monitors,

  • the box seat is convenient for daily discussion and chatting with colleagues,

  • the cafe table is convenient for working with a laptop and tablet, and

  • the multi-objective space can be used for refreshing.

This enables flexible use of the limited office space. [more]