"Systems and Control Theory for Future Energy Management"

We challenge ourselves to advanced research topics for smart society.

Modularity-in-Design for Decentralized Control Systems and Its Applications

We are studying retrofit control theory for modular design of large-scale control systems where multiple independent entities make their own decision for local system management. Current work is on data-adaptive control based on machine learning techniques. [more]

Market Modeling for Spatio-Temporal Pricing of Distributed Energy Resources

We are developing a spatio-temporal energy market model in terms of an adjustable robust convex program towards smart management of distributed energy resources. Numerical simulations are conducted for analyzing optimal share of future energy resources.

Development of Distributed Realtime Power System Simulator "ReGRS"

We are developing a realtime power system simulator, which can be accessed by multiple clients in parallel. It is named ReGRS: Retrofit GUI Realtime Simulator.

Management of Renewable Power Generators via Robust Optimization

We are developing an energy management method robust against the volatility of renewable power generation, modeled as confidence intervals and stochastic variables. [more]

Analysis and Synthesis of Complex Systems via Set-based Modeling

We are studying a systems control theory for complex systems based on the notion of set-based modeling, towards designing smart human and social systems.

Model Reduction Theory for Large-Scale Systems and Its Applications

We are studying a model reduction theory for large-scale network systems and distributed control systems, where the notion of data clustering is applied. [more]